Volume 3, 2001

Investment CLIMATE

Russia’s economic policy: summing up 2000

Russian and foreign investors can influence the state economic policy by joining their efforts to solve the problems of common interest for all who are willing to implement long-term projects of the Russian economy. The business community is the only part of the Russian society really interested now in establishing the market economy and in developing democratic institutions, and having certain influence in the society and in power precincts. Their activity in forming public opinion and in cooperating with the authorities determines efficiency of the state economic policy and the investment climate in the Russian economy.

Parliamentary hearings: On the ratification of the Energy charter agreement

“Hearings on the ratification of the Economic charter agreement were held in the State duma January 26, 2001.Views of some participants (the Government statesmen, scientists, the Duma deputies) are published.

Recommendations from the Duma hearings

Andrei KONOPLYANIK. How to convert the petrodollars into investments? Perhaps concession contracts will do

Recently the concession idea is literally in the air. Whether it is possible to realize the idea in Russia, to begin with the fuel and power complex, the most dynamic sector of the economy, the author ponders on.

Investment MARKET

Fedor GLISIN. Industrial enterprises business activity in Russia in the 4-th quarter 2000

The economic conjuncture center of the RF Government jointly with the regional statistics bodies had carried out the regular quarterly inquiry in the Russian industrial enterprises business activities.


Viktor MOSKVIN. Analysis of investment project risks

The objectives and the procedure of the investment risks analysis for the project partners. The procedure of the business game “The investment project risks analysis and recommendations on the business plan perfection”.

Dmitri ENDOVITSKY, Sergei KOMENDENKO. Systematization of analysis methods and the investment risk assessment

Risks analysis and assessment are an essential part of the long-term investment analysis system. The uncertainty conditions prevent assessing the probability of possible event outcomes and frequently even the very set of these events. The practical investment analysis often is carried out at an enterprise under the uncertainty conditions, since the probability of events can not be assessed with the precision required.

The risks classification allows deeper to understand their economic nature, to elaborate and apply the appropriate analysis methods, to organize an investment risks control system.

Reference and advice

Yuri MALYSHEV, Alexandre OLENEV. Outlooks to funding the investment projects

Major points are dealt with concerning the attraction of investments and the assessment of the investment projects. The tools of attracting investments to the Russian market, and answers to questions: what are the investment projects, and how to assess and to finance them.