Volume 5, 2001

Investment CLIMATE

Larisa TIKHONOVA. Foreign investments in the Sverdlovsk region

A paramount problem of reforming the Russian economy is to involve foreign investments in it. With the Russian economy being backward in many sectors of technology, it needs the foreign capital which could bring about new (for Russia) technologies and advanced management methods, as well as facilitate home investments. Many a developing country prove that the economy investment boom begins with the surge of foreign capital. So far Russia lacks its own system of assessing the investment climate in the country and in its regions. The foreign investors relay on appraisals by numerous consulting firms. However these appraisals made without participation of Russian experts seem doubtful and , perhaps. biassed. The author offers a sort of cumulative survey of the investment market in the Sverdlovsk region based on a variety of information sources.

Askar BAKITZHANOV, Sergei FILIN. The regional investment inviting capacity: approaches to assessment

The complex analysis of a region investment attractiveness makes now the great practical interest. The author deals with different approaches to assessment of the investment inviting situation in the south of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Investment MARKET

The second All-Russian Symposium “Enterprise strategic planning and development”

The new social and economic situation in our country, the economic science progress and its practical application require urgent research in the strategic planning at Russian industrial enterprises. This planning must be included in the system of national strategic planning.

Oleg SUKHAREV. Institutional reform in the 20-th century. An evolutionary view on the economic policy

The Russian economy reform began against the background of a drastic investment drop , now it is proceeding against a certain investment growth with the investment quality remaining practically the same. The paper contains the objective analysis of the 20-th century reform, except for unachieved reform in the post-socialist states and the developing countries with their contradicting appraisals and their living standard far behind the leading western powers.

The Energy Charter news


Vladimir PRIVALOV. The investment analysis in uncertainty conditions basing on the option methodology

The current business environment is distinguished for a considerable uncertainty caused by the economy globalisation and deregulation, rapid progress in science and technology, and changes in consumer behaviour, etc. In such conditions it is very difficult to make investment decisions due to the very high uncertainty rate. So adequate investment decision making methods are of urgent necessity both for the management theory and practice.

Munim KHASANOV, Sabriddin YULDASHEV. Methods of investment climate assessment

In the new independent states, the former USSR republics, the reform of transition from the planned to market economy require a stimulating investment influx which is possible only in the favourable investment climate. The authors offer the investment climate appraisal methods approved in the Republic of Tajikistan.