Volume 11, 2001


Investments in Russia

The National Investment Council assizes in Cheboksary

It is no chance that Chuvashia was chosen for this representative forum : in the recent years the republic has improved its investment climate and succeeded in forming its own potential resources, the rate of its industrial growth exceeded the mean one in Russia.

Alexander VOROTNIKOV. The efficient investment policy as a tool of raising the region

A possible way to raise the competitiveness is the investment policy in pursuit of which the regional authorities can furnish resources to industries promising the economic growth. This policy presumes that some industries grow at the expense of others. So the major problem is to find the criteria of selecting the industries for perspective development.


Investment CLIMATE

Oktai MOVSUMOV. Investment climate in the Lithuania oil and gas complex

The analysis of the Baltic republics ws of development, including Lithuania, proves that though they strive to join the European Union their political and economic destiny is closely connected with Russia despite political discords arising now and then between them.

Tatiana CHEKALINA. The foreign capital as an important factor of the economic growth in Hungary

In the late 1990s the post-socialist countries of the Central Europe boasted the sustained economic growth. The most interesting is Hungary where the economic upsurge was largely due to the determined state policy of foreign business capital attraction.


Investment MARKET

Leonid SUMAROKOV. The USA new power program

The investment components of the program in fact go far beyond the limits of purely American interests. The plan is aimed at the growth of power generation and reduction of the USA dependence on power imports. It shows the new approach to putting and solving the geopolitical and regional problems where the major issues differ somewhat from those put forward in times of Kissenger and Olbright with the obvious shift from the political to economic sphere.

Fedor GLISIN. Russian industrial enterprises business activities in the 3d quarter 2001

The Economic Conjuncture Center of the Russian Federation Government and the regional statistic bodies conducted the regular quarterly investigation of the Russian industrial enterprises business activities.



Sergei NOSOV, Vladimir SPEKTOR. Methods of assessing the investment attraction of projects

When considering the problems of winning investments, of the foremost importance is the analysis of various factors affecting the project investment attraction.

Victor MOSKVIN, Lev TSYRENOV. Determining of the capital sufficiency of financial groups

In order to set up partnership relations when implementing large projects it is very important to be sure that the partners (large financial groups) are in possession of sufficient capitals.


Reference and advice

The process of companies division is gaining strength in Europe

Force major becomes risk of the day

Victor MOSKVIN. An outline of the institutional evolution theory

Comments on the book by O. S. Sukharev Institutional theory and economic policy(On a new theory of transmission mechanism in macroeconomy). Book 1. Moscow: IE RAN, 2001. 576 pp.