Volume 12, 2001


Investments in Russia

Stephan JUREC, Leonid BASS. Investments for the South of Russia: problems and solutions

In December 5-8 the International symposium “Investment potential of the South of Russia” was held in the International Trade Center, Moscow. The symposium goal was to find the ways of drawing investments in that region.


Investment CLIMATE

Ria KEMPER. Ten years later

This December the Energy Charter marks the tenth anniversary of fostering cooperation between the East and the West in the power field. Its General secretary ponders on the Charter success and failures and  their future consequences.

Ivan SEMENCHENKO. The new in Russian legislation concerning the “diagonal “disputes with foreign investors

The bilateral investment agreements, as a rule, stipulate certain standard guarantees protecting the foreign investors including the guarantees concerning the disputes between a private foreign investor and the state receiving investments, the so-called “diagonal “ investment disputes.

Oktai MOVSUMOV. The investment regime in the oil and gas sector of the Uzbekistan fuel and power complex

The recent years have seen the Uzbekistan rapid involvement in the international economic cooperation. This accounts first of all for the republic’s economy success. Since 1996 an average HGP growth holds on the level of 4% , and in 2000 practically reached the value of 1991, while the CIS on the average have only 65% of that value. The leading in the past industries – oil and gas, machine building, metal working, gold production are further gathering momentum. They are joined by new industries like the automotive, textile, petrochemical. The economy infrastructure has also substantially improved.


Investment MARKET

Oleg TYAPYSHEV. Direct foreign investment in the world economy in 2000

In 2000 the list of recipient countries and sources of direct foreign investments had not essentially changed. The leading recipients remained the USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Hong Kong, Canada, Netherlands, France, China, Spain , and among the DFI sources there are UK, France, the USA, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Spain, Canada, Switzerland.

Victor MOSKVIN. Creation of the investment projects market in Russia

An effective step towards the reduction of risks in implementing investment projects might be creation of the investment projects market in Russia.



Vladimir BOCHAROV, Valeri GUTIN, Lyubov BIKTIMIROVA. Evaluation of economic parameters of the efficient use of enterprises’ fixed capital

Development of economic entities is closely connected with the efficient use and reproduction of their capital. Therefore its reliable evaluation, monitoring and regulation must be done basing on optimum assets life, capital assets profitability, current assets value.

Alexander CHAADAEV. Efficiency components

Expediency of investment in every large scale construction business is a vital  problem mainly for the stockholders.


Reference and advice

Yakov REKITAR. Investment in the real economy

Review  of the book by N. V. Igoshin “Investments. Organization of management and financing” (the textbook for higher education institutes, the 2d edition, revd and add. Moscow: UNITIDANA, 2001. 542 pp.).

Lyudmila GONCHARENKO, Sergei FILIN, Tatiana STASEVICH. Future for investments