Volume 2, 2005



Vladimir SAVIN. Efficiency plus resource saving

Fuel and power commodities are crucial for export affecting the general economic growth. Considering the export not in its last stage of production and sale but as a factor of the national economy connected with the world market, the export of fuel and raw materials is not only the most efficient but also most saving the not-renewable national resources as per unit of currency gained.

Sergei PASHUTIN. Internet in the pharmaceutical market as an investment attraction factor

Unique information capacities provided by network technologies can not but upgrade business quality. The technologically advanced companies not only expanded their sale channels but created new means of fruitful communication with their partners and perfected their own image.

Boris SAFRONOV, Boris MELNIKOV, Valentina MARKOVSKAYA, Victoria LIKHODIY, Olga LOSEVA. Investment market: the situation in January - September 2004



Victor MOSKVIN, Anna FIDOROVA. Management of a mortgage risks system

Scrutinized is management of mortgage credit risk mortgage interest risk, mortgage risk of liquidity loss, risk of anticipatory credit clearing-off, operation technique risk.

Teimuraz TURMANIDZE. Procedure problems of investment efficiency assessment

Analysis of current methods of assessing investment project efficiency. Up-to-date problems of investment projects analysis and choice. Obvious examples of the above.



Lyudmila ZOTOVA. Tools for targeting the federal investment resources

Financial capital is the most mobile resource of developing productive forces. The financial resources should be focused on a narrow circle of break-through technologies ensuring competitiveness of the national economy and the winning of selected niches of the world market. This paper dwells on the basic procedures and quality of these tools employment.

Sergei OVCHINNIKOV. Innovative environment and competitiveness

Connection between the manufacturing process and the final product characteristics can bring success if the company enjoys a certain innovative air.



Leonid RATHKEEN. The outlooks of developing and investing in the Russian oil and gas industry

The issues tackled at the 3d International petroleum forum Russias oil: present and future.

Mikhail LYUBSKI, Vladimir SAVIN. Instead of a book review