Volume 4, 2005


Investment CLIMATE

Irina GRISHINA. Methodology of complex investment analysis for Russias regions

Concepts and procedure recommendations for analysis and simulation of investments in the regions could not only enable to better study the regional investment procedures, but also practically upgrade investment management, and ensure the state regulation of regional development in Russia.

Vladimir SAVIN. Market and money

A noted economist A. Livshits in his recent publication gave a profound and thorough scrutiny to the problem of substituting the natural relief for the monetary payments. The problem constitutes a significant element of the countrys investment climate.



Valentin BROVKIN, Inessa KUZMINA. Udorsk pulp and paper combined works invites investors

Vadim KARPICH. Chinese investment prospects in Russia

June 9, 2004 in Khabarovsk the first Russian-Chinese investment forum was held where the investment cooperation of Russian and Chinese regions was outlined for next years. Here are the most significant projects submitted to the forum.



Sergei PLATONOV. Efficiency of the investment projects for developing multi-modal transport and logistic centres

It is feasible to set up a network of regional terminals and logistic transportation centres within the large federal and international network nodes. These centres are to be integrated into regional logistic transportation systems. These systems are considered components of a global macro-logistic system taking part in the national and world labour division.

Teimuraz TURMANIDZE. The enterprise risk in assessing an investment project efficiency

In the real economy the risk is mainly connected with the profit loss caused by sales drop, or with the unexpected growth of expenditures. The analysis of business risk assessment as applied to the Russian economy.

Munim HASANOV, Parvina RAHIMOVA, Daler DADOMATOV. Ensuring the sustained Tajikistan development

If the country secures the efficient growth of the national economy, this may lead to increasing investment required for that growth. Timely commission of sufficient production capacities able to produce the products of due quality for solvent demand, will create the basis securing the sustained development of the national economy.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Russia - NATO cooperation in defense research and technology

The innovation and investment aspect of cooperation were discussed at the Russia - NATO round table.

Vladislav SAVIN. Review of V. V. Polyakovs book The world market: prognostication