Volume 6, 2005


Investment CLIMATE

Valentina TIKHONOVA. Investment climate in Russia and direct foreign investment

The analysis of investment climate key elements from the investment use and efficiency point of view. The state policy in the field, investment stimulation and limitations, the appropriate organizations and the ways to join them. All these elements in the whole are defined by a general policy which calculates the scale of effects from foreign investments.



Yuri SAVINOV. Internet for international electronic trade

Internet is a relatively new means of international trade, and many problems still remain to be settled, which usually emerge as the teething troubles of early application of technical novelties invented for alien purposes.

Leonid RATHKEEN. Investment in security technologies as a strategy of industries and enterprises development

Security is a major condition of any system development. Negligence of this destroys enterprises, industries, states. The article deals with the ways of investing in these technologies.

Boris SAFRONOV, Boris MELNIKOV, Iya KUDRYAVTSEVA, Valentina MARKOVSKAYA, Victoria LIKHODIY, Olga LOSEVA. Investment market: the situation in 2004



Sergei SHMANIOV, Iraida PUZYRIOVA. The investment process cinetics

A model is offered for calculating profit dynamics. It was tested using a concrete data base. The procedure is given to calculate an enterprise profit in accordance with the model accepted.

Vadim SAMOILOV. Management adapted to tasks: management of financial assets basing on the non-statistic investment approach

The standard procedure of task management. The advanced investment approach using real options. The standard task setting in managing financial and stock assets. Problems, failures and their causes.



Lyudmila ZOTOVA. Efficiency of the state management reform for science and technology progress

The current reform of state management in the social domain seems so far inefficient. The real cause of this is the used methodology of distributed relations, which causes the deficiency of federal finance for the purpose. The progress of science and technology on one hand claims for the federal budget funds, on the other hand, it is the most important factor that forms the federal and other budgets. This article deals with the task distribution technologies as far as the state management reform is concerned.



Vladimir SAVIN. Export and VAT collection in Russia