Volume 8, 2005



Rudolf ZIMENKOV. The USA experience in establishing and running free economic zones

World labor division today is distinguished for deep shifts in its structure caused by the surge of progress in science and technology, and accelerated internationalization of production. Meanwhile the regions are striving to attract investment and new technologies, as well as advanced management skills in attempt to intensify and diversify their economies aimed at home and foreign markets.



Yuri YERSHOV. Our daily gas

(Continued, the beginning in 5 and 7, 2005).

Alexandr KARPUSHIN. The OPEC on the eve of its anniversary

On September 10 - 14, 2005 the OPEC will celebrate its next anniversary. In the new century the OPEC faces entirely new situation on the world markets of energy, first of all on the oil market.

Leonid RATHKEEN. Investment in the Russias air transport

Russias airspace industry is by right reputed the leader of research-intensive industries. High-tech dual-use products are used in particular to upgrade aircraft performances. The article dwells on the industry current problems.



Victor MOSKVIN. The master objective and labour cost optimization in business

To find a necessary level of costs in business becomes today the most acute problem which decides too much in this world. Of all resources required for production the labour is critical one, being the basis for determining the structure and size of costs of manufacturing any product.

Alexei MARTYNOV. Internal reserves for higher investment in iron and steel business

The author assesses the current investment activities in iron and steel business in order to disclose capacities and reserves for intensifying these activities.

Victor FATUYEV, Valentina STYAZHKINA, Dmitri LAPSHIN. An automated system for evaluating the investment project efficiency

Main aspects of the current practice of investment projecting are considered. At large an automated is described for analysis of the investment project efficiency, as well as the practiced procedures accounting the risk and uncertainty relating to implementation of projects.



Albert ALEXEYEV. Global market: the USA industry competitiveness. View from the past



Sergei OGARKOV. Improving investment laws