Volume 2, 2009



Victor MOSKVIN. «Thinking» training - the vector of education development

An example practically from life. Correspondence of education system with technological structure. The education system has to develop. The most «fresh» problem of banks. Real problem with information break is more complicated. The information point of education problem. The system of «thinking» training.

Yuri ERSHOV. World energetics after 20 years

It is vital important for Russia to look in the future of world energetics before its revolutionary changes. On the one hand, TEC is a basic branch that in many respects forms our economic. On the other hand, Russia is deeply included in world economic as a member of international trade exchange. Russia takes more and more significant positions in world economic and in world market of energetic goods.

Oleg SUKHAREV. Structural problem of determination of priorities, forms of organization and rules of economic development. (About effective formula of Russia development)

Discussion about macroeconomic policy. Liquidation of basis for appearance of innovation results in Russia industry.

Vsevolod ARKHIPOV. World financial crisis in Australia

Against a background of distinctly negative events that took place during 2008 year in world financial sphere specifically and in economic on the whole, it is obviously, that 2009 year will be in all probability more difficult. It will be not light for Australia too.

Aleksey ILIIN, Irina VISKREBENTSEVA. Foreign investments in Russia



Sergey FILIN, Tatiana KENEREVSKAYA. Social partnership and human capital in State of innovation type

In our time throughout the world State as institution is the focus of attention. The heart of the problem is insufficiently effective adaptation of modern State as institution for requirements of world economic, being in process of economic globalization. Under these conditions the problem of modern effective State formation is putting in the front.

Aleksey Maksurov. Why collector works more effective then other exactors



Leonid RATHKEEN. Investment in space tourism: physical and medical aspects of researches

The World tourism industry is one of the favorite for government and private investments. The volume of capital in tourism industry is compatible with information technologies. Medical and physical aspects of researches for space tourism are discussed in the article.



Svetlana TOPAL. Repair of state significance

Sergei KISELIOV. On practical literacy (the end, beginning in ¹ 11 and 12, 2008)