Volume 5, 2009



Yuri YERSHOV. Russia’ anti-crisis program and what it lacks

The program was worked out in the time shortest for such a document. It was widely discussed in the country, which made it much more feasible. We would like to believe that it will serve a precedent for democratic adoption of major legislative documents.



Anatoli TOKAREV, Vladimir KONSTANTINOV. Financing and implementing the projects of associated petroleum gas utilization

Now from 15 to 25 bn cum of associated gas is burnt in flares. Moreover, there is the trend to decrease the rate of gas utilization. The losses in associated gas can be diminished only through implementing a number of new investment projects connected with the associated gas processing.

Vadim DASKOVSKY, Vladimir KISELIOV. Degradation and phenomena of investment business in Russia

Three groups of enterprises are analyzed: medium and large - hundreds of thousand of them, gain leaders - 2300 companies, and the largest ones - 400 companies. The less is the number of enterprises, the greater are opportunities of their investment and innovation activities.

Victor MOSKVIN. Major elements of advance to success

The author looks into general concepts of success and fortune in order to find out their structure and basic elements, which allows to put and solve practical problems of programming successful activities.

Oleg SUKHAREV. Types of efficiency in economy: modern treatment

Allocative efficiency. The efficiency of exchange and production. X-efficiency and efficiency of organization. Synergetic efficiency (the end, beginning in ¹ 1 and 4, 2009).



Leonid RATHKEEN. Investments in system projects of satellite navigation infrastructure for land transport

The April NATO jubilee forum not only summed up the organization activity intermediate results and marked the prospects of development, but also managed to rise to a new level its relations with Russia. One of the fields of cooperation and competition for both parties is the satellite navigation infrastructure.