Volume 6, 2009



Yuri YERSHOV. Global energy safety and its new remedies

The New year gas war between Ukraine and Russia that left half Europe without gas amidst winter, proved the existing energy safety system inefficient. As a direct consequence of the conflict the Russian leaders called for developing a new safety system.



Vsevolod ARKHIPOV. The Australian economy stricken by the global financial crisis

Despite great and ever growing hardships that Australia experienced since September 2008, its robust economical base, many anti-crisis allotments and decreased taxes slowed the crisis development and kept the country economy afloat.

Vadim DASKOVSKY, Vladimir KISELIOV. The monetary credit policy causes the investment hunger in the Russian economy

The analysis of the investment aspect of the monetary credit policy and its efficiency.



Victor MOSKVIN. Opportunities of programming successful business

To program business for many years is not simple but perfectly feasible to those who really long for success. Its particularly true now when the whole world looks for ways out of crisis.

Dmitri TURCHANOVSKY. Banks of development under financial crisis



Leonid RATHKEEN. GLONASS as a part of a distributed system of safety (modern satellite technologies of civil aircraft)

The role of Russian academician institutes and state enterprises in developing of GLONASS, and different aspects of realization of investment projects in the field of satellite technologies for civil aircraft are discussed in the article.

Gennadi ZINCHENKO. The crisis potential of innovation economy (guideline recommendations for businessmen and top managers of federal and regional economic bodies)