Volume 7, 2009



Luvsantserengiiun DUGARZHAV. Actual problems of Russia - Mongolia relationship

Russia and Mongolia are not easily adopted to new historic realities in developing their mutual relationship. Still it is important to use their traditional friendship in national interests of both countries.



Irina GRISHINA, Andrei POLYNIOV, Igor MAKSIMOV. Social and economic state of Russia regions: operative relative assessment

The RF Ministry of economy and the Academy of Sciences have developed the guidelines for classification of regions according to the rating of their current social and economic state, as well they prognosticated changes in regions state by the end of 2009.

Victor MOSKVIN. Anti-crisis development of the education system

So far there is no a positive way out of the present crisis, but there are theoretical and practical researches useful for the purpose.

Oleg SUKHAREV. Disproportions of economic development: the speculative price of resources and the gap between the financial system and wealth production



Yuri DERBISHER. Once more on intellectual property protection

Victor SEROV, Filipp MALLEROV. Patents value as an investment resource

Patents for inventions are an important investment resource. To determine their values is equally necessary to patent holders and investors.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Investment in personal and vehicle navigation and electronic cartography

The Third international forum for satellite navigation, which took place in Moscow exhibition centre Expocentre in the middle of May 2009, is one of the biggest specialized exhibitions. The reasons of the growth of the quantity of the forums, symposiums and congresses for satellite navigation are discussed in the article.



Capital inflation

Alexei MAKSUROV. Specific regulations for mortgaged assets