Volume 8, 2009



Yuri KRUPNOV. New old theories of economic crisis

Scientists and managers of various countries strive to find remedies against crisis and soften its negative effect on national economies. Some of the almost forgotten views suddenly became called for at a next turn of capitalist economy development.

Sergei ZABOLOTSKY. New centres of growth for the chemical industry under crisis

The indispensable condition for overcoming crisis is a state anti-crisis strategy. The state must choose development priorities and initiate the anti-crisis support. The current choice is to be done under the shortage of finance and strong competition.

Fiodor GLISIN. Regional investment under financial crisis

On the results of questioning the regions top officials and experts about investment activities.

Rudolf ZIMENKOV. New occurrences in the American TNC activity abroad

The USA TNC now turned into a major force of market production and international division of labour, a dominant factor of the world economy and international economic relations.



Victor MOSKVIN. Determining a human character in success technology

A cycle of diagnostic researches consisting of consequent phases of the first stage of programming the successful human activity.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Investments in the systems and equipment for safe load handling

Problems of investing in development of equipment and systems for control and monitoring of safe load handling by motor transport. Importance of this for Russia economic security.