Volume 1, 2016




Georgiy OSTAPKOVICH, Inna LOLA. Investment activity by Russian production industries in 2015

This research was conducted within the NRU HSE Program of Fundamental Studies on the subject «Business climate monitoring in the real economy and services». The results of the pilot examination of more than 1000 investment active industrial organizations conducted by ANO «Statistics of Russia» by request of NRU HSE in 2015 are used in it.

Viktor MOSKVIN. Risks of investment projects interaction

Any investment project is an artificial social system appearing in the world of social systems and interacting with other systems. These systems have their own purposes and interests. Does the appearing new system consider their existence or does it come into unsolvable contradictions with them? To understand the existing situation it is necessary to identify accurately the place which belongs to investment projects in the world of social systems.

Alla FLEUROVA. The Nobel Prize winners of 2015 (short review)



Oleg SUKHAREV. Strategic national priorities: new management and new economic growth

The author suggests a number of principles and positions, following which will allow to overcome the dysfunction of management, to achieve the established development objectives according to already approved plans, programs and the Addresses by the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Investment for environmental safety in gas industry: scientific support for investment projects for providing of branch energy efficiency

December 2015 in Moscow under the patronage of GAZPROM and «GAZPROM VNIIGAZ, LLC» was organized 4th International conference «Environmental safety in gas industry». The representatives of the biggest Russian gas company and their inner and foreign partners discussed the perspectives of realization of investment projects in gas industry according the minimization of risks in environmental sphere and providing for economical efficiency of investment programs in nearest, medium and long time.

Gyuzel GUMEROVA, Elmira SHAYMIYEVA. Business model for the Russian professional football on the basis of the management of intellectual property objects in virtual space

In the work five research problems are solved: the scheme of intellectual property objects of football club is formed for management in real and virtual space; the need to regulate specific and universal intellectual property objects is proved; the market turnover of professional Russian football is shown on the basis of management of intellectual property objects; the need to regulate the issue of the relation of the football organization to the income (profit) in the organizational and legal form (commercial, noncommercial) is proved; the basic propositions of the business model of the Russian professional football are developed on the basis of the management system of intellectual property objects in real and virtual space.