Volume 2, 2016



Viktor MOSKVIN. The interrupted flight to the future

The reasons for which the employer refused to hire the candidate for work are discovered in the work. Such main objects of assessment by selection of candidates as personal qualities and competence are considered. Recommendations to identify causes of refusal to employ by means of the analysis of the procedure and results of interview are suggested.

Vladimir GONCHAROV, Marina SELINA. Investment policy at the present stage

The economic security including technological independence of our country as well will be determined now to a considerable degree by its scientific and technical potential since the rapid and steady growth of economy after the financial crisis will demand the increase of investment and innovative activity. In this connection it is necessary to specify investment policy at the present stage.

Vadim KUDRYASHOV, Elena TETEREVA. Direct foreign investments in the Russian Federation (by the example of the bank sphere)

The main features of the attraction of direct foreign investments to the bank sphere are revealed in the article. The schemes of state and non-state companies’ participation in bank investment activity are considered. The main tendencies and factors influencing direct investment into the banking sector are defined.

Dynamics of consumer prices in Russia during economic recession



Leonid RATHKEEN. «InnoKam» scientific industrial center as a pilot project of the investment program of the creation of a network of territorially isolated innovative industrial complexes

At the Day of Russian Science on the 8th of February 2016 the Russian Academy of Sciences was 292 years old. All three centuries the oldest domestic academy takes active part in world scientific life. Even the last decades marked by continuous series of not always successful reforms aren't less fruitful: the Russian Academy of Sciences is still among leaders of development of fundamental and applied, military and civil science. For example, various industry and regional investment programs are realized with its active assistance and scientific and methodical support, including programs for the creation of a network of territorially isolated innovative industrial complexes. And the first of them - the scientific industrial center «InnoKam».

Gyuzel GUMEROVA, Elmira SHAYMIYEVA. Business model for the Russian professional football on the basis of the management of intellectual property objects in virtual space (the end, beginning in № 1, 2016)

In the work five research problems are solved: the scheme of intellectual property objects of football club is formed for management in real and virtual space; the need to regulate specific and universal intellectual property objects is proved; the market turnover of professional Russian football is shown on the basis of management of intellectual property objects; the need to regulate the issue of the relation of the football organization to the income (profit) in the organizational and legal form (commercial, noncommercial) is proved; the basic propositions of the business model of the Russian professional football are developed on the basis of the management system of intellectual property objects in real and virtual space.



Meeting on privatization issues

On Technological Development Agency

Inefficient expenses of the federal budget are comparable to losses in the income from lowering of oil prices

On the «Environmental Security Strategy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025» project

What business can and what is necessary for business during crisis time

Crediting of small and medium-sized businesses