Volume 3, 2016



Oleg SUKHAREV. Property, privatization and nationalization as institutes of economy development

The issue of the influence of property and solutions connected with it (privatization and nationalization) on the functioning of economy is investigated in the article. The main criteria and the principles of the management of property and privatization process are singled out. The analysis of the process of privatization from the positions of the "benefits-expenses" scheme is carried out with obtaining relevant qualitative conclusions for the Russian economy.

Andrey IVANOV. Investment of construction industry as a basic condition of its full functioning and stable development

The author discloses the essence of the investment of construction industry; its characteristic features and peculiarities are analyzed.

Development of the industry of the Republic of Tatarstan



Viktor MOSKVIN. Interactive learning - facets and problems

The features of the interactive learning method which is based on the application of business games in comparison to passive and active learning methods are considered in the work. Possible levels of the mastering of disciplines depending on the applied learning methods are shown. Features of the realization of the most difficult levels of mastering of disciplines are considered.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Capital investments in the automobile industry: the Russian-European scientific and industrial cooperation in the transport sphere as a stimulus to development of import-substituting technologies of production management

In the conditions of economic sanctions Association of European Businesses continues to develop investment and scientific industrial cooperation with Russia in various branches. The special attention is paid to scientific and industrial cooperation in the transport sphere, including the automobile industry, and to the development of import-substituting technologies of production management.



Valeriy TSVETKOV. Factors of economy development: instability overcoming

Factors of unstable development of economic system are considered. The main tendencies of world dynamics are investigated, for example, the nature of economic growth for various regions of the world, the influence of institutes and technological effectiveness of the system on economic development, its prospect, the influence of information, asymmetry and inequality on the nature of such dynamics. These subjects are reflected in the considered author's books to the discussion of which the present essay review is devoted.

On the approval of the projects of creation of industrial parks and science technology parks

Construction of the Central Ring Road is practically not carried out. Contractors make money out of advance payments

International Financial Reporting Standards: view of investment companies