Volume 4, 2016



Viktor MOSKVIN. World ratings or a trap for Russian universities

The situation connected with the position of the Russian higher education institutes in the world ratings is analyzed in the work. The main goal of the education at university is considered and it is shown that the rating of higher education institutes has to be focused on its achievement. The possibility of the use of the «learning methods applied in higher education institute» estimation criterion, connected with the levels of disciplines mastering and the quality of professional competences acquisition by graduates is shown.

Oleg SUKHAREV. Property, privatization and nationalization as institutes of economy development (the end, beginning in № 3, 2016)

The issue of the influence of property and solutions connected with it (privatization and nationalization) on the functioning of economy is investigated in the article. The main criteria and the principles of the management of property and privatization process are singled out. The analysis of the process of privatization from the positions of the «benefits-expenses» scheme is carried out with obtaining relevant qualitative conclusions for the Russian economy.

Andrey IVANOV. Investment of construction industry as a basic condition of its full functioning and stable development (the end, beginning in № 3, 2016)

The author discloses the essence of the investment of construction industry; its characteristic features and peculiarities are analyzed.

Development of the industry of the Republic of Tatarstan (the end, beginning in № 3, 2016)



Vadim KUDRYASHOV, Aleksandr IVOLGA. Ways out economic crisis for Russia in the conditions of limited financial resources

The main issues of financial improvement of the economy of Russia and ways of the overcoming of economic crisis in the conditions of limited financial resources are considered in the article. The analysis of the current economic situation is given. The important role of the state policy in the field of financial improvement of the national economy is noted.



Leonid RATHKEEN. To the 55th anniversary of Yu. A. Gagarin flight: the international investment megaproject «Space 2100» (SPACE XXI) for the support of scientific researches of space development

The 55th anniversary of the world's first manned space flight of the USSR citizen Yu. A. Gagarin celebrated on April 12, 2016 (12.04.1961) - one of the most important dates of the scientific calendar for the whole world community: day of the reminder of recent domestic achievements and the anticipation of the future ones, Day of the triumph of the well-coordinated working of Soviet science and industry, day of the thinking about great destinies of the scientists who presented the fatherland with «the way to space» and «the road to stars». What directions of scientific research are most demanded in the society, state, world? Where are the sources of investment stimulation in «the space sphere»? About it - in the publication.