Volume 5, 2016



Viktor MOSKVIN. The fourth dimension of the risk of large projects

A new direction of the risk of projects implementation is considered in the work - risks of interaction of social systems, which is defined as the fourth dimension of the risk along with external, internal and business risks. It is shown that risks of systems interaction are quite independent risks, which differ fundamentally from external and business risks. Recommendations on the reliable assessment of the risk of the large project implementation are given.

Oleg SUKHAREV. Economic regularities, models and reality

The problem of the adequacy of the economic theory when developing the measures of economic policy is investigated as well as the features of the modification of the economic science apparatus by the challenges prepared for it by the changing social reality when one does not manage to identify the law of such change precisely. Possibilities of the monetary theory on the basis of Fischer - Schumpeter's dichotomy to influence the macroeconomic theory and the formation of monetary policy instruments are shown.

Vladimir GONCHAROV, Ekaterina YAKUBOVICH. Reforming of the agro-industrial complex of Russia

The solution of the food problem in Russia in relation to the sanctions by the USA, the EU and some other countries is acute; and therefore it is necessary to take action to reform the agro-industrial complex of the country in order to increase the competitiveness and import substitution of food products. It will demand additional investments into this sector of economy.

Valeriy BAKUTKIN. Investments into health - investments into the future

The article is devoted to the investments into the equipment for health care. The general tendencies of the development of this direction, prospects, and existing risks are described, the variants of intellectual property, the opportunities of investment into development of new equipment and its launch to the market are considered.



Viktor MOSKVIN. Strategic investment mistake of Russia

The prospects of the development of agricultural production in Russia as the main direction of economic development are proved in the work. The necessity to develop agricultural science and agricultural education is shown. The inadmissibility of the withdrawal of agricultural lands from the Timiryazev Academy for housing construction that undermines seriously the scientific and educational capacity of Russia is proved, the development and the implementation of the special investment project on the transformation of the Timiryazev Academy into the leading world higher education institution is insistently suggested.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Academician priorities of Russian financial and industrial development: investments for innovative leadership

A few tenth of big international scientific and industrial forums were held on Russian capital before May Day Holidays. Were discussed the perspectives of development of inner economy and strategy of development of cooperation in different branches of scientific enterprises and organizations or Russia, US, EC and countries of South-Eastern Asia. The article is devoted to the most bright pages of latest events, in which took part the representatives of RAS.



On the book «Investment projects in the world of social systems№ by V. A. Moskvin

Congress of the Russian Engineering Union

Indicators of investment climate

Tatyana Golikova suggested directing the funds of «other interbudgetary transfers» for the purposes of the equalization of regional budgets

The first center of youth innovative work in Moscow area

To pay taxes in Smolensk region - profitable