Volume 6, 2016



Viktor MOSKVIN. Definition of the essence of risk notion

There are many various definitions of the essence of risk, but experts haven't come to a consensus yet. The author proves the definition according to which the risk is a possibility of the occurrence of an event under the influence of any factors. This definition has obvious advantages allowing to use it widely for the solution of practical problems.

Oleg SUKHAREV. Economic regularities, models and reality (continued, beginning in 5, 2016)

The problem of the adequacy of the economic theory when developing the measures of economic policy is investigated as well as the features of the modification of the economic science apparatus by the challenges prepared for it by the changing social reality when one does not manage to identify the law of such change precisely. Possibilities of the monetary theory on the basis of Fischer - Schumpeter's dichotomy to influence the macroeconomic theory and the formation of monetary policy instruments are shown.

Vladimir GONCHAROV, Ekaterina YAKUBOVICH. Production potential of animal husbandry in Russia

After imposition of the sanctions against Russia by the USA, the EU and some other countries food supply has worsened. In these conditions the maximum use of the opportunities of production potential of agrarian and industrial complex including animal husbandry becomes an extremely important problem. Import substitution in this sector of economy plays a big role in the ensuring of food security of the country. However additional investments for the purpose of animal husbandry modernization will be required.

Food embargo: the results of 2015

Vadim KUDRYASHOV, Vladislav POMOGOV. The comparative analysis of the European Central Bank and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation during the crisis period

The main features of the European Central Bank and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at the present stage are revealed in the article. The factors which influenced the actions of the both central banks during the crisis of 2008 - 2012 are considered; in this connection recommendations about the improvement of further anti-crisis actions of the European Central Bank and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation were developed.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Investment in wireless telecommunications infrastructure: from communication nets to project Intervidenie

At the second part of May the Department of nanotechnologies and information technologies of Russian academy of sciences organized the scientific session, on which were presented the reports of Federal state budget scientific enterprise Kharkevich institute for transmission of information of Russian academy of sciences and Federal state academician educational enterprises of high education Sankt-Petersburg state university of aerospace device-building. On session the representatives of academician institutions and leading russian universities discussed the different aspects of creation of wireless telecommunication nets of next generations.



Meeting of the Economic Council Presidium

For the implementation of projects in the Free port of Vladivostok applications from investors were received for the sum of more than 154 billion rubles

Formation of the favorable environment for effective development of small business in the Kaluga region