Volume 7, 2016



Viktor MOSKVIN. Risks and existing uncertainties

The interrelation of two categories risk and uncertainty is considered in the work. Possible increase of risk in the conditions of uncertainty and possible influence of unaccounted factors are shown. The analyzed phenomena occur in the world of social systems which includes all investment projects.

Rudolf ZIMENKOV, Yelena ZAVYALOVA. Cooperation of the state and private sector by solving social problems in developing countries

In the last decades under the influence of internal and external factors of development in many developing countries the state sector has been reduced, and the functions of state management by various sectors of national economy have been gradually transferred to business. But at the same time the state reserved the policy of regulation and control of activities of private companies. The state-private partnership aimed at acceleration of social and economic development of the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America has become a new form of cooperation of the state and business which is actively used in these countries.

Andrey IVANOV. Features of management in construction sphere and methods of its implementation

Managerial influence by the state is intended to create favorable condition for each participant of construction production, without losing sight of the interests of the whole sphere of construction. It represents a motley and multi-faceted picture. This is not only the contract organizations which are directly occupied with constructing objects, either their reconstruction, or capital repairs. However the leading role in the implementation of the state influence in the sphere of construction is given to the federal bodies of executive power.

Vladimir GONCHAROV, Marina SELINA. Import substitution in the meat and dairy subcomplex of Russia

After imposition of the sanctions by the USA, the EU and some other countries the situation with food supply in the country has become aggravated. In this regard the federal bodies of power set the task for the workers of agricultural industry and food industry to increase the production of foodstuff for the purpose of import substitution in the agro-industrial sector. However additional investments are necessary for modernization of material and technical resources of the agro-industrial complex.

Oleg SUKHAREV. Economic regularities, models and reality (continued, beginning in 5, 6, 2016)

The problem of the adequacy of the economic theory when developing the measures of economic policy is investigated as well as the features of the modification of the economic science apparatus by the challenges prepared for it by the changing social reality when one does not manage to identify the law of such change precisely. Possibilities of the monetary theory on the basis of Fischer - Schumpeter's dichotomy to influence the macroeconomic theory and the formation of monetary policy instruments are shown.



Vadim KUDRYASHOV, Alsu VALIYEVA. Forming of the bank system of Germany in modern conditions of economy

The bank system of Germany and its current state is considered in the article. Problems and peculiarities of creation of the bank system of Germany and its institutes are revealed. The bank system of Germany has a special, characteristic for this country structure of bank system. In the country the population trusts banks, uses services of banks actively in everyday life.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Gosneft, Yandex-mobile and other investment projects as the examples of realization of methodology of project control for scientific and industrial enterprises

At the end of the first part of the year in Russia was organized the set of the biggest scientific and industrial forums, on which were discussed the perspectives of the development of the world economy and industrial growth in conditions of financial non-stability. At the second part of June in the North capital was organized the 20th jubilee Sankt-Petersburg International economical forum. Some time before were organized the Moscow International forums for the cost engineering and project control, on which Russian and foreign scientists and businessmen discussed the most actual problems of branch and organizing of industrial producing of scientific products. The article is devoted to the most bright and interesting pages of all this events, in which took part the representatives of academician institutions of Russian Academy of Sciences.



Awards: Development Awards - 2016 were presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

The Ministry of Industry and Trade did not put into operation 63 objects within the Federal Targeted Investment Program