Volume 9, 2016



Rudolf ZIMENKOV. Direct foreign investments and their influence on the economy of the USA and Russia

The article is devoted to the analysis of the influence of direct foreign investments on the economy of the USA and Russia. The size and the main directions of the influence of direct foreign investments on economic and social situation of the USA are shown. Types of investments different in impact size, influencing the modernization of the Russian economy are revealed.

Oleg SUKHAREV. Investments in the industry: state and possibilities of overcoming difficulties

Investments in the industry into fixed capital grow throughout the entire period of the 2000s years and quite notably, but basic proportions in the industry don't change, and the efficiency of industrial systems even decreases. The main factors constraining the investment activity are the lack of own means, insufficient demand for products, high commercial interest rate of the credit.

Vladimir GONCHAROV, Sandzhi KOTEYEV. Import substitution in the agro-industrial complex of Russia

The level of the dependence of the country on import and resource providing of the complex is shown in the article as well as the import substitution tendency in product subcomplexes; and the main directions of import substitution in the food sphere are considered.

Andrey IVANOV. State regulation of construction activity and its self-regulation

The publication represents two independent articles, each of which has the finished plot supported with the corresponding conclusions. The purpose of the both articles is to understand clearly, what aspects of construction activity require obligatory state intervention and in what cases it is possible to deal with self-regulation.

Viktor MOSKVIN. Conditions of the efficiency of interactive learning

The possibility to create in Russia an effective educational system, which major learning method is the interactive method, is considered in the work. The existing problems and difficulties in creation of such a system as well as really existing opportunities are described.



Anatoliy SHULUS, Vadim SHULUS, Sergey RASSOKHA. Venture investment - an important source of economic modernization on the innovative basis

Modern technological revolution, one of the elements of which is development of network business, is that powerful brands are formed in a matter of months, not over decades. Actually only money of venture investors allows to finance the arising project during the short-term period. High speed of the capital turnover - the main factor of formation of the market of investments intended for starting business and business projects.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Investment in building of energy objects and priority projects of strategic development of scientific and industrial potential of Russian productive enterprises and academician institutions

Third quarter of 2016 in Moscow were organized the International forums, exhibitions and conferences, on which were discussed the actual questions of investment building, investigations for energy objects and realization of strategic initiatives in the different branches of Russian industry. Must attention was paid for the development of scientific and productive potential of Russian industrial enterprises and academician institutions, its cooperation with the leading inner and foreign financial organizations in the field of realization of common investment projects.



The Audit Chamber checked how the funds allocated to Rosstat for the creation of information systems are used