Volume 10, 2016



Anatoliy TODOSIYCHUK. On improving the budget planning of the development of science

A number of papers were written on this subject in that the budget policy of Russia during the last years was analyzed, appropriate recommendations and suggestions on its improvement were given. However, they remained apparently not demanded by developers of the drafts of the Federal budget and its separate sections, because since then little is done to ensure that intellectual capital and especially science becomes the main productive force of the domestic economy, source of continuous flow of innovation.

Viktor MOSKVIN. Search for United Eurasia

Two projects of the organization of transport from the Asia-Pacific region to Europe proposed by academician Alexander Nekipelov and Ivan Starikov are considered in the work. The comparison of them is carried out; and some disadvantages and risks of implementation are singled out.

Vladimir GONCHAROV, Vladimir RAU, Marina SELINA. Export opportunities of the food complex of Russia

For many years Russia remained the state importing food despite objective prerequisites for self-maintenance in the majority of food products. The situation has begun to change cardinally only in recent years. In 2014 the export of food and agricultural raw materials exceeded the income from the export of arms. More substantial support by the state is necessary for the development of food export.

Rudolf ZIMENKOV. Direct foreign investments and their influence on the economy of the USA and Russia (the end, beginning in 9, 2016)

The article is devoted to the analysis of the influence of direct foreign investments on the economy of the USA and Russia. The size and the main directions of the influence of direct foreign investments on economic and social situation of the USA are shown. Types of investments different in impact size, influencing the modernization of the Russian economy are revealed.

Andrey IVANOV. State regulation of construction activity and its self-regulation (the end, beginning in 9, 2016)

The publication represents two independent articles, each of which has the finished plot supported with the corresponding conclusions. The purpose of the both articles is to understand clearly, what aspects of construction activity require obligatory state intervention and in what cases it is possible to deal with self-regulation.



Vadim KUDRYASHOV, Mariya TURANOVA. Theoretical aspects of investments and evaluation of investment activities of enterprises

The article describes the basic concepts of investments and investment activity of an enterprise. The technique of the evaluation of investments efficiency is defined. The discounting method by the evaluation of investment activities of enterprises is considered.

Anatoliy SHULUS, Vadim SHULUS, Sergey RASSOKHA. Restoration and development of the investment complex in Russia

In the present work the authors attempt to formulate the concept, to reveal the economic content of the investment complex and characterize its place in the united national economic complex; classify organizational-economic structure of the national economy, and the investment systems in its structure as well; describe the components and elements of the investment complex.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Supercomputing September: perspectives of development of modern calculating systems - technologies, investments, engineering

After scientific session at june - july at Summer supercomputing academy (Lomonosov state university), this september under the patronage of Russian academy of sciences was organized and hold on the series of russian and international supercomputing conferences. One of the applications is supercomputing modeling of financial and economic processes, investments forecasting and branch industrial growth.



TechnoNICOL Corporation completed the construction of the 50th plant