Volume 11, 2016



Viktor MOSKVIN. The task of designing social systems

The roots of the actual problem of designing social systems are investigated in the paper. Special attention is paid to the consideration of interests and purposes in social systems and the formation of human interests in the social system and arising contradictions. The task of creating new social systems is considered.

Investments into fixed capital and sources of their financing



Vadim KUDRYASHOV, Yelena TETEREVA. The forecast of the development of investment attractiveness of the Russian bank system in modern international economic conditions

The article reveals the main tendencies of the attraction of foreign direct investments in the authorized capitals of credit organizations of the Russian Federation. The main causes and dynamics of the total external debt of the banking sector of Russia are considered.

Anatoliy SHULUS, Vadim SHULUS, Sergey RASSOKHA. The investment project and its feasibility at all stages of the lifecycle

Investments cover the deepest foundations of the functioning of all parts of the economy. In this situation investments act as the most important means of ensuring the conditions for the final exit of Russia from the system, first of all, investment crisis which struck it, modernization of economy, introduction of advanced scientific and technological achievements, increase in efficiency of functioning of all parts of the national economy.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Energy of third millennium: sanctioning stimulating of import-substitution innovations

This autumn in Moscow with the participating or representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences was organized the set of forums, on which were discussed the questions of development of energy sector, including the branch investments and realization of investment projects and programs, for example, at oil and gas sphere. The attention of participants of conferences was paid also for foreign economic aspects of sanctions and perspectives of development of market segments on the nearest and medium perspective.



The 30th meeting of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council in Russia

On V.A. Moskvin's book Risks of investment projects

Tatyana Golikova: the problem of Federal budget deficit needs to be solved by the mobilization of the income and increase in expense efficiency

The 1st international forum Environment for life: new standards

Promising production projects on the territory of YaNAO will receive Federal support

Yamal advocates the early opening of the Arctic transport corridor