Volume 12, 2016



Viktor MOSKVIN. One of 100 thousands can manage serious risks

In the work it is shown that there are very few specialists in Russia, who can manage serious risks. Is considered what a person needs to know to manage risks; but not all people should be taught risk management.

Oleg SUKHAREV. Problems of the formation of economic schools

The general problems of the training of scientific economic personnel in Russia are considered; the groups of these problems are singled out; the state of modern economic knowledge is assessed. Separately, the tasks of the economic science and the opportunities to form new economic schools are analyzed in general and with regard to Russian conditions in particular.

Reflections on the state of the economic security of Russia

Vladimir GONCHAROV, Sandzhi KOTEYEV. Export opportunity of Russian oil-and-fat subcomplex

Since 2010 in the agricultural sector there have been some positive developments. In recent years the production has sharply increased in the pig and poultry industries. The volumes of oil-and-fat production have increased as well. This allowed to increase the volumes of the export of final products. However, for the development of innovative activity in the oil-and-fat subcomplex additional investment is needed.

Alla FLEUROVA. The Nobel Prize winners of 2016 (short review)



Anatoliy SHULUS, Vadim SHULUS, Sergey RASSOKHA. The investment project and its feasibility at all stages of the lifecycle (the end, beginning in 11, 2016)

Investments cover the deepest foundations of the functioning of all parts of the economy. In this situation investments act as the most important means of ensuring the conditions for the final exit of Russia from the system, first of all, investment crisis which struck it, modernization of economy, introduction of advanced scientific and technological achievements, increase in efficiency of functioning of all parts of the national economy.



Leonid RATHKEEN. Oil and gas surprise: investments HES for TIS

Heavy extracting sources (HES) of hydrocarbons (HC) is the new direction of scientific researching, which is connected with the perspectives of development of new and old oil and gas fields. Sometimes for the development scientists for Russia and foreign countries use theory of invention solutions (TIS). What are the perspectives of investments HES for TIS? How it may change the dynamics of branch development? What oil and gas surprises we will see next 2017 year? About this publication.



Meeting of the Council for Science and Education