Title: «Investments in Russia»
Edition type: journal
Publication frequency: monthly
Publishers: ZAO «Zhurnal IvR»
Distribution: subscription by the General post catalog. Russia’s Press. Volume 1 (index 43730), subscription in the editor’s office.
Format: Ŕ4
No. of pages: 48
Language: Russian

Subject metter:
- In the Advisory Council for foreign investments in Russia.
- Investment climate. International investment cooperation, survey of the factors hampering investment, and means to overcome them.
- Investments: practical experience. Preparing enterprises to accept investments, pre-investment audit, choice of investors, etc. Preparing credit agreements, mortgage assets, investment insurance, etc.
- Investment market. Investment marketing, practice analysis, analysis of the investment market participants’ mispractice.
- Innovation.
- Reference and advice.Readers’ questions – professionals’ answers.
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